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Lockey's Home Delivery service

During these difficult and uncertain times, we would like to help out as much as we can.

We are proud to announce we have started a delivery service to help anyone who is otherwise unable to get out and shop for what they need.

This service is offered to any one within an 7 mile radius of Lockey Farm. if you are unsure if this covers you, please see the map at the bottom of this page

Minimum spend of £20 applies with free delivery for any order within the above radius. 

Orders outside the 7 mile radius will incur a £10 delivery charge and will be subject to approval.

Also, along with this, we are offering a click and collect service subject to approval. 

To place an order please click on the link below.

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or for any queries, please email us at shop@lockeyfarm.co.uk

Or phone us on 07395932145

Please do not phone the shop number for online order queries.

Please find our price list below.

We are happy to announce that the Farm park and Coffee shop are now open.

Following government guidelines the Coffee shop has now re opened. seating has been re-arranged and extended out on to the decking to ensure there is adequate spacing between tables, however please be aware that there is limited seating so there may be a slight wait on busy days. your patience is greatly appreciated. We are offering a reduced menu at this time but rest assured the all day breakfast is still being served.  

Along with this, the Farm park has now re-opened to the public and the animals are waiting to see you. The farm park is now running only on donations, so anything you can spare will be greatly appreciated to ensure the upkeep of the farm park and to keep the park open. The Farm park is not staffed, so we ask please keep an eye on your family and make sure no litter is dropped around the park which could hurt the animals if consumed. 

 Price List Item Qty/Weight

Prices are subject to change.



Joints-Topside £14.99/kg

Brisket £10.99/kg

Forerib of Beef £22.50/kg

Steaks-Fillet £49.99/kg

Sirloin £31.99/kg

Rib eye £32.99/kg

Rump £19.99/kg

Mince £10.99/kg

Stewing steak £12.99/kg


Joints- Shoulder £8.99/kg

Leg £9.99/kg

Loin £8.99/kg

Belly £7.99/kg

Chops £8.99/kg

Mince £6.99/kg

Belly pork slices £7.99/kg


Joints - Leg £14.99/kg

Joints - Shoulder £12.99/kg

Chops £19.99/kg

Cutlets £15.99/kg

Rump (chunkies) £19.99/kg

Steak £19.99/kg

Breast N/A


Whole £4.99/kg

Fillets £9.99/kg

Thigh £6.50/kg

Gammon Smoked/Unsmoked 

Joint £9.50/kg

Gammon Steak £9.50/kg

 Bacon Unsmoked / Smoked

Back £14.99/kg

Streaky £12.99/kg


Plain Pork £8.99/kg

Fruit and Veg



2 kilo Bag £2.50 a bag

Baking £2.10/kg 

Salad £1.50/kg

Sweet potatoes £2.95/kg


Onions 0.95/kg

Red onions £0.99/kg

Garlic 0.85 each

Cabbage £1.80 each

Kale £2.50 a bag

Spring greens £2.90/kg

Spinach £1.80 a bag

Cauliflower £2.50 each

Broccoli £6.05/kg

Carrots £2.10/kg 

Parsnip £2.26/kg

Swede £1.40/kg

Leek £2.90/kg

Butternut squash £1.99/kg

Courgette £3.50/kg

Peppers 0.75 each

Mushrooms – flat £4.95/kg

Mushrooms – button £3.85/kg


Tomatoes £3.99/kg

Cherry tomatoes £2.50 (250g box)

Celery £1.99 a bag

Cucumber £0.85 each

Spring onion £0.80 a bunch

Lettuce £1.80 each

Avocados £0.95 each


Apples £3.20/kg

Pears £2.40/kg

Granny smiths £3.10/kg

Bananas £1.90/kg

Oranges £0.45 each

Satsumas £3.25/kg

Grapes red £5.20/kg

Grapes white £5.20/kg


Blueberries £2.50 (125g box)

Raspberrys £2.50 (125g box)


1 pint £0.75 each

2 pint £1.30 each

4 pint £2.50 each

Double cream 250ml £1.65 each


Cheddar £16.00/kg

Brie £14.00/kg

Blue £18.50/kg

Chilli £13.00/kg

Garlic £15.60/kg

Smoked £14.00/kg

Goats £18.00/kg

Eggs- Hens 

Large £1.75/6

Medium £1.50/6

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If you are unsure if you live within our 7 mile radius, here is a map highlighting our covered area.


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