Lockey Coffee Shop

Our Coffee Shop

The Coffee Shop is now open :)

We are pleased to announce the coffee shop is now open, we would like to thank you all for your patience.

Our coffee shop serves Breakfast and Lunch with a "Little Chicks" menu for the younger diners.

Our cooked breakfast are by far the most popular, with hand made Lockey sausages and bacon fresh from our butchers.

if cooked breakfast isn't for you, our local pies are really popular with Steak & Stilton, Lamb & Mint, and Bacon & Cheese to name just a few. Along with these we have our popular home made sausage rolls and scotch eggs.  

Please see our chalkboards for our Daily Specials.

Our Coffee Shop

In Our Coffee Shop we have a wide range of home made foods to suit your needs. 

You will find that we make our own soups an stews, perfect to warm you up in the cold winter days. We have a nice selection of home made cakes and biscuits all to go perfect with you tea or coffee. Our flavors are ever changing so keep an eye out and let us know which ones you prefer. 

Meeting friends? The Coffee Shop is perfect for that. Enjoy a nice latte, Cappuccino, filter coffee or Tea with a slice of cake looking over the nice country side and farm park. for the kids we have a nice selection of milkshakes and smoothies so there is always something for everyone while you catch up with old friends. 

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