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The Farm Shop

Welcome to Lockey Farm Shop and Butchers.

We have now moved to the building across the car park next to the cafe and farm park.

We are a local family run farm shop selling delicious delights to tantalise tastebuds. 

Our fresh fruit and veg is sourced from local green grocers who get there supply from the Western International Market daily. We supply a good variety of seasonal veg throughout the year to go great with your meals in all seasons. Alongside this we supply staple veg all year as best we can. 

If its Cheese, Cold meats and pies your are searching for, then look no further then our deli counter. We have a wide range of cheese, from local award winning, to slightly further afield cheeses. Such as the very popular multi award winning Barkham Blue and the award winning Village Maid cheeses, these are Wigmore, Waterloo, Spenwood, Maida Vale and the new Heckfield. You will also find cheeses from the Nettlebed Creamery, Snowdonia Cheese Company, Croome Cheese and Cornish Gouda. A variety of Stiltons and Blue Cheese and cheddar can also be found along with the sort after Stinking Bishop. We stock our own in-house cooked hams and carry proper Cornish Pasties in various flavours from Bodmin, along with sausage rolls, pork pies and homemade scotch eggs. You will also find a variety of olives and a new line of Samosas from Samosa Wallah. 

We have a wide range of beers, ciders and spirits, all from English Craft Breweries. We carry Jeremy Clarkson's Hawkstone Brewery. Other Ranges from Chadlington, White Horse Brewery, Loddon Brewery, Spilsbury & Jones Brewing Co just to name a few. Wines include varieties such as Cotswolds and Three Choirs. Our spirit range includes products from Pocket Full of Stones from Cornwall Including the famous Dr. Squid Ink Gin, Berkshire Gin and Foxdenton Gin. You will be sure to find something to suit any occasion. 

For everyday items, we supply flour from Wessex Mill, Bread from Hall's Bakery including the highly sort after Lardy Cake, Ruby's Bakery Cakes, Local Free Range eggs and Milk from West Horsley Dairy along with various Jams, chutneys and biscuits for cheese. You will also find Various frozen products such as frozen fruit, Veg, Fish cakes and Pastries.

The Farm Shop


Butchers Counter

Visit our highly experienced friendly butchers

All our meat is locally sourced and Professionally butchered by our team of highly skilled butchers. 

We have a comprehensive range Sausages and Burgers are all handmade in house. Our sausages include the highly popular Lockey sausage (pork and Herb), along with Pork and Apple, Lincolnshire and Venison being our best sellers. Burgers include beef and onion, gluten free, Minted Lamb and Pork and Apple. We also cure all of our bacon on the premises. 

A full range of BBQ meats are available during the summer season such as Ribs, Kebabs (lamb, rumpsteak, chicken) Lamb Koftas, Chicken wings, Spatchcock chicken, Chicken drum sticks and thighs, Coated chicken breast to name a few. Please find our conveniently made BBQ packs which host a variety of meat. 

if Steaks are the thing for you, we have a whole range os steaks cut to size as requested such as Rump, Sirloin, Rib-eye and fillet. We also stock a variety of cuts of beef to take your fancy such as Skirt, chuck steak and shin for stewing and casseroles. 

Also available we have a full range of Beef for roasting joints such ribs of beef, topside, slow-roasting. Lamb for roasting includes leg and shoulder. Boneless  shoulder and leg of pork. As for chicken, we have Whole chicken, Various sizes. Finally, local venison, such as steak, fillets and diced and venison Burgers. 

Another great Option for the Braai is the Boerewors, Handmade in our butchers. 

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